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ensemble for machine learning

Andrew Ziem
Could someone give a better example of how to extend [1] to create an
ensemble from multiple machine learning classifiers to improve the
classification performance?


Berry and Linoff  ("Mastering Data Mining", p217) suggest the approach
below, but the performance is similar to the individual models.

# create ensemble (per Berry and Linoff)
evidence_a <- attr(x.svm.prob, "probabilities")[,2] * x.ip.prob[,2] *
evidence_b <- ( 1-x.ip.prob[,2]) * (1-attr(x.svm.prob,
"probabilities")[,2] * (1-x.cf.prob))
x.en.prob <- (evidence_a) / (evidence_a + evidence_b)

# bagging
x.ip.prob.rocr <- prediction(x.ip.prob[,2], BreastCancer[ind == 2,'Class'])
x.ip.perf <- performance(x.ip.prob.rocr, "tpr","fpr")
plot(x.ip.perf, col=2)

# svm
x.svm.prob.rocr <- prediction(attr(x.svm.prob, "probabilities")[,2],
BreastCancer[ind == 2,'Class'])
x.svm.perf <- performance(x.svm.prob.rocr, "tpr","fpr")
plot(x.svm.perf, col=3, add=TRUE)

# cforest
x.cf.prob.rocr <- prediction(x.cf.prob, BreastCancer[ind == 2,'Class'])
x.cf.perf <- performance(x.cf.prob.rocr, "tpr","fpr")
plot(x.cf.perf, col=4, add=TRUE)

# ensemble
#x.en.rocr <- prediction(rowMeans(cbind(x1=x.cf.prob,
x2=x.ip.prob[,2])), BreastCancer[ind == 2,'Class'])
x.en.rocr <- prediction(x.en.prob, BreastCancer[ind == 2,'Class'])
x.en.perf <- performance(x.en.rocr, "tpr","fpr")
plot(x.en.perf, col=5, add=TRUE)

# Draw a legend.
legend(0.6, 0.6, c('bagging','svm', 'cforest', 'ensemble'), 2:5)


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