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help for hierarchial regression output

hi everybody,

Im struggeling with hierarchial regression analysis. I need some need to interpret output....

consider this is my hierarchial regression analysis output:

ı want to ask question about how to interpret 2 way interaction. both in block 2 and block 3 (in block 3, 3 way interacitons are also exist!!!!!) two way interaction values are exist. but while in block 2, self blame X justice world belief interaction is significant (p=.014, drew with green color), however in block 3, this interaction is not significant.
now Im confused with this situation, which value is correct????

should ı report that there is sig. self blame X jwb two way effect or not??????
If in first block my IVs are sig. should ı say there is a sig. main effect or not??? or have ı to look at last block for all interactions and main effects????