incomplete description of return value of stats::uniroot()?

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incomplete description of return value of stats::uniroot()?

Georgi Boshnakov
The "Value" section in the documentation of stats::uniroot() mentions component "" of the returned result:

> "... Further components may be added in future: component \code{}  was added in \R 3.1.0."

I don't see ""  described anywhere in that help page. It is technically not an omission, since the description says "at least the following components...", so maybe it is absent on purpose?

From my reading of the source something like the following could be added to src/library/stats/man/uniroot.Rd, before the sentence quoted above:

\code{iter} includes the number of iterations, if any, done initially to ensure opposite signs at the ends of the interval.
This number is available separately in component \code{}. If no extension of the interval was attempted, \code{} is set to NA.

Georgi Boshnakov

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