knitr error for small text in pdf (bug)

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knitr error for small text in pdf (bug)

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Let try this minimal Rmarkdown file

title: "cex in Rmarkdown"
output: word_document


plot((0:160)/4, 0:160, type="n")
text(x=20, y=70, labels =expression(alpha), cex=1e-7)

When knitr-red from Rstudio (with r 3.6.1 on MacosX with knitr 1.24), it
produced an error with this message ("Information of metric non
available for this family") [translation from French because of my
system configuration]


text(x=20, y=70, labels =expression(alpha), cex=0)


text(x=20, y=70, labels =expression(alpha), cex=0.1)


Also text(x=20, y=70, labels ="a", cex=1e-7) works.

The error does not occur when dev='png' is used but it occurs also for

I don't know where I should report the bug.


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