looping through data frames in a workspace

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looping through data frames in a workspace

lucy b
Thanks for helpful replies. Unfortunately, I didn't mention that I
want to overwrite the existing data frame with the corrected one using
the same name. Here's what I have:

## get names of data frames
frames <- names(Filter(function(x) x=="data.frame",
## loop through list
for( i in seq(along=frames) ) {

        #don't need next line, but good to remember if need to exclude a df
        #if (frames[i] != "junk") {

        df <- eval(parse(text=frames[i]))

        for (c in 1:ncol(df)){
                if (is.factor(df[,c])) {
                        df[,c] <- gsub("\r\n","",as.vector(df[,c]))

        names(df) <- frames[i]

        }#end first if

}#end first for

Unfortunately, the "names(df)<-frames[i]" line just changes the name
of the first column in df. How can I overwrite the existing data frame
using the right name?

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