minor windows dialogue box problem-"File/Change dir..." (PR#8430)

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minor windows dialogue box problem-"File/Change dir..." (PR#8430)

Full_Name: Andrew Corson
Version: 2.2.0
OS: win XP
Submission from: (NULL) (

If you are not using a mouse, you use the tab key to move between fields in a
dialogue box. If you go File/Change dir... and then press tab to move to cursor
from the path text box to the Browse button it appears that the focus moves
correctly, but when you press Enter to activate the browse button the resulting
action is the same as if you had used the mouse and clicked on OK instead.

If you enter some non-existant path in the path box and use the keys to select
the Browse button, you get the error "Unable to set '...' as working directory"

The problem was present in R 2.0.1, I have just upgraded to R 2.2.0 and it still

> version
platform i386-pc-mingw32
arch     i386          
os       mingw32        
system   i386, mingw32  
major    2              
minor    2.0            
year     2005          
month    10            
day      06            
svn rev  35749          
language R

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