need help in igraph package of R

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need help in igraph package of R


I am struck with a problem in igraph package of R. My problem is as follows

I want to plot a power law fit for my data (in .net format --- pajek format)

syntax for that in R is

g <- read.graph("", "pajek")
d <- degree (g, mode="in") (d+1, 2)

it gives me desired out put if my if input a single file

but I want to use a  variable file name ( such as name1, name2 ) so that I can read all my 100 files at a single stretch if I put this entire code in a loop.

names = "name1" "name2" "name3".....

while (i <= 100)
g <- read.graph("names[i]", "pajek")
d <- degree (g, mode="in") (d+1, 2)
i <- i + 1

but names[i] does n't seem to work. Is there any alternative ?

I want to know how to use  a variable file name in this syntax

Any help is greately appreciated