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packages: Examples with CPU or elapsed time > 10s

Michael Friendly
I am perplexed about NOTEs I get from Win Builder on my genridge

It shows, e.g.,

Examples with CPU or elapsed time > 10s
              user system elapsed
plot3d.ridge 12.4   0.05   12.45

However, if I run *exactly the same code* in my console with
system.time(), I get

user system elapsed
0.95 0.16 1.17

What could be the explanation for this?

Second, the .log file from Win Builder shows only the *first example*
with > 10s time.
I have been able to reduce the time by wrapping part of the example in
I run Win Builder again, and the NOTE appears for another file. Very

It would be far more helpful to see these all together, rather than
having to do this incrementally.

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