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Re: RFC: Matrix package: Matrix products (%*%, crossprod, tcrossprod) involving "nsparseMatrix" aka sparse pattern matrices 0 replies R devel
directives to explicitely exclude objects from import into namespaces 4 replies R devel
Re: large sysdata.rda file --- strategies? 0 replies R devel
[R-pkgs] release 2.4 of distr-family of packages on CRAN 0 replies R help
large sysdata.rda file --- strategies? 2 replies R devel
Re: text(1:10, col=NA) is printed in color 1 instead of color 0 (was "is not transparent") 1 reply R devel
text(1:10, col=NA) is not transparent 3 replies R devel
New feature for download.packages(): optional resolution of package dependencies 1 reply R devel
[R-pkgs] New package versions for distr- and robast- families 0 replies R help
Re: Warning: missing text for item ... in \describe? 1 reply R devel
R CMD check warning "no visible binding for global variable" and hasArg() 0 replies R devel
cryptic message of R CMD check 1 reply R devel