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ANOVA MS residuals estimation: two models 0 replies R help
Duncan test: 2-way ANOVA without repetition, but with multiple subjects 1 reply R help
p value for mu: anova() 1 reply R help
resample from data frame: unlinked columns 2 replies R help
Re: merge two lists by column 1 reply R help
spatial analysis 1 reply R help
Multiple regression Categorical data 2 replies R help
box.cox 4 replies R help
random effects 1 reply R help
random effects 3 replies R help
greyPalette() in legend plot 1 reply R help
prcomp 3 replies R help
persp() 3 replies R help
export/import matrix 3 replies R help
Factor Analysis with orthogonal and oblique rotation 1 reply R help
R in MAC add many extra <´s 2 replies R help
EMA package 1 reply R help
multiple variables Y and X 1 reply R help
Large number of Y and X variables 0 replies R help
matrix inverstion 3 replies R help