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silent recycling in logical indexing 6 replies R devel
Re: [Lme4-authors] Crash in the latest release 0 replies R devel
possible improvement to ?with examples 1 reply R devel
confusing error from model.frame when var name=function name 0 replies R devel
ACM license link broken 1 reply R devel
save/load + all.equal on reference class objects 0 replies R devel
Re: glmmPQL crashes on inclusion of corSpatial object 0 replies R help
Re: summary() dispatch puzzle 0 replies R devel
summary() dispatch puzzle 2 replies R devel
Re: glmmLasso with interactions errors 0 replies R help
Re: dependent p.values in R 0 replies R help
Re: Fixed Effects in lme function 0 replies R help
cat() in proc.time? 3 replies R devel
Re: Effect size measures for GLM 0 replies R help
typosquatting and trojan horses in packages 0 replies R devel
Re: Update CRAN submission process 0 replies R devel
Re: model specification using lme 0 replies R help
Re: code to provoke a crash running rterm.exe on windows 2 replies R help
Re: error in lmerTest after updating to R 3.3.0 0 replies R help
Re: Coverage Probability 0 replies R help
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