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As  footnote, the error in survival:::untangle.specials is that it assumed that if
attr(myterms, 'specials')[['strata']] was = to 4, then one could use myterms[-4] to remove
the strata term.   Not so.   In the model  y ~  x1 + x2 + strata(x3)  the attritube will
be 4 -- the response counts --- but to remove it I need to use [-3] since the response
does not count in [.terms or drop.terms.

Is this an inconsistency that should be documented and/or repaired?   What would break if
we did?    I don't know.  By chance, all the usages in the survival package happened after
a call to delete.response so it would be immune to such a change.

Terry T.

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